“Sneak peek” at some of the interior art that will be in The Realmwalker Chronicles: The Pillars of Natura, Volume 2

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“Sneak peek” at some of the interior art that will be in The Realmwalker Chronicles: The Pillars of Natura, Volume 2

The lead artist and co-creator of The Realmwalker Chronicles, Spenn, has endeavored to not only render Lee Aaron’s world, but to do so with a unique and entertaining style. The goal was to convey emotion, to elicit a deeper emotional connection to our characters as the story unfolds.

Coming March 17, 2015:

The Realmwalker Chronicles: The Pillars of Natura, Volume 2

For over 3000 years, the Goddess Erta empowered a succession of mortals to champion and protect The Balance of Her world. These were the Realmwalkers. Wielding all 17 Lani powers as well as the legendary Sword of Angios, each Realmwalker was the absolute guardian of Erta’s will. For centuries, the infinite line of these heroes remained unbroken and peace reigned. But 100 years ago, when the last Realmwalker died, there was no Successor to take up the Sword. Erta had no protector, no one to shelter and defend The Balance against those wishing to offset it. For the first time since the abominable Realm Wars, those seeking control over the Four Realms were able to push for an advantage, throwing the Realms into chaos and conflict. Meanwhile, the mysterious and powerful Seraph continued their frantic and seemingly futile search for Erta’s missing guardian. Living in an isolated community of outcasts, Rennick and his twin sister Raine struggle daily with decisions regarding their lives and what awaits them as they leave their childhood behind. After discovering the heartbreaking truth that their past is the key to Erta’s future, the Seraph Kanias imparts a new reality to Raine, that she is the next Realmwalker. He convinces the twins to journey with him to the Temple of Erta, located on the slopes of the mountains called The Pillars of Natura. There, within the ancient strong hold, the Sword of Angios awaits the return of Erta’s defender. As Raine begins the training that will prepare her to carry the burdens of a world on the brink of war, Rennick struggles with his own burden–protecting the life of the sister he loves. Feeling that even Raine’s most loyal allies are desperate to control her, Rennick must learn to master his own powerful abilities to ensure her safety. In this new epic fantasy series, Lee Aarons tells the story of Raine and Rennick Sherrill, twins bound to the fate of their world by destiny, bound to each other by more than blood. Only when they uncover the truth about their past can they truly begin to harness the power of the Realmwalker and save Erta from those who seek to destroy it.

Out now:

The Realmwalker Chronicles: The Pillars of Natura, Volume 1


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