My pre-order is here: The Liar’s Key (The Red Queen’s War #2) by Mark Lawrence


My pre-order is here: The Liar’s Key (The Red Queen’s War Book 2) by Mark Lawrence and I am very excited! I have been waiting for this book for a very long time. I have this book on My 2015 most anticipated releases . To be honest this is my MOST anticipated book of the year. Mark Lawrence is my favorite author and I love all his books! I was not lucky enough to get a ARC of this book so I have been NOT so patiently waiting for my pre-order to arrive. Can’t wait to read and review so keep an eye out!

This fantastic book is out NOW from Ace Roc books!

Update: The book was in the mail when I got home last night. Read the first 5 chapters right away! I am hooked already! Another Mark Lawrence masterpiece! Full review coming soon!


My The Red Queen’s War collection


My Mark Lawrence collection

About the book:


The Liar’s Key (The Red Queen’s War Book 2)

  • Series: The Red Queen’s War
  • Hardcover: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Ace (June 2, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0425268802
  • ISBN-13: 978-0425268803

Prince of Fools, The Red Queen’s War: Book One had all “the hallmarks of [Mark Lawrence’s] storytelling and writing style which made The Broken Empire trilogy such an incredibly addictive read” ( Now, The Liar’s Key continues the story of the unusual fellowship between a rogue prince and a weary warrior…

After harrowing adventure and near-death, Prince Jalan Kendeth and the Viking Snorri ver Snagason find themselves in possession of Loki’s Key, an artefact capable of opening any door, and sought by the most dangerous beings in the Broken Empire—including The Dead King.  
Jal wants only to return home to his wine, women, and song, but Snorri has his own purpose for the key: to find the very door into death, throw it wide, and bring his family back into the land of the living.
And as Snorri prepares for his quest to find death’s door, Jal’s grandmother, the Red Queen continues to manipulate kings and pawns towards an endgame of her own design…

About the author:

Mark Lawrence is married with four children, one of whom is severely disabled. His day job is as a research scientist focused on various rather intractable problems in the field of artificial intelligence. He has held secret level clearance with both US and UK governments. At one point he was qualified to say ‘this isn’t rocket science … oh wait, it actually is’.
Between work and caring for his disabled child, Mark spends his time writing, playing computer games, tending an allotment, brewing beer, and avoiding DIY.


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