New Review copies received: Goodies from Tor Books!


Got some amazing review copies this week from the awesome people over at Tor Books! Towers of Midnight (The Wheel of Time Book 13) , The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Four , and Steles of the Sky (The Eternal Sky Book 3) . I am a huge WOT fan and am in the middle of reading and reviewing all of the books, so keep an eye out for those reviews. I have been wanting to read The Eternal Sky books for a while, I have heard great things. I am looking forward to all of these books and I can’t wait to read and review. Thanks Tor Books!

All of these awesome books are out NOW from Tor Books!



About the books:


Towers of Midnight (The Wheel of Time Book 13)

  • Series: Wheel of Time (Book 13)
  • Paperback: 864 pages
  • Publisher: Tor Books; Reprint edition (June 9, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0765337843
  • ISBN-13: 978-0765337849

The Wheel of Time®, Robert Jordan’s internationally bestselling fantasy series, has captured the imaginations of millions of readers worldwide. Now book number thirteen in the series and the first Wheel of Time volume involving the New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, Towers of Midnight, will be available in trade paperback for the first time. This new edition will feature cover art from acclaimed fantasy artist Raymond Swanland. This stunning cover art debuted on the e-book and will now grace bookstore shelves in this handsome new edition.

The Last Battle has started. The seals on the Dark One’s prison are crumbling. The pattern itself is unraveling, and the armies of the Shadow have begun to boil out of the Blight.

The Sun has begun to set upon the Third Age.
Perrin Aybara is now hunted by specters from his past: Whitecloaks, a slayer of wolves, and the responsibilities of leadership. All the while, an unseen foe is slowly pulling a noose tight around his neck. To prevail, he must seek out answers in the wolf dream and find a way-at long last-to master the wolf within him or lose himself to it forever.

Meanwhile, Matrim Cauthon prepares for the most difficult challenge of his life. The creatures beyond the stone gateways-the Arlfinn and the Eelfinn-have confused him, taunted him, and left him hanged, his memory stuffed with bits and pieces of other men’s lives. He had hoped that his last confrontation with them would be the end of it, but the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills. The time is coming, when he will again have to dance with the Snakes and the Foxes, playing a game that cannot be won. The Tower of Ghenjel awaits, and its secrets will reveal the fate of a friend long lost.

This is the penultimate novel of Robert Jordan’s #1 New York Times bestselling series-the second of three based on materials he left behind when he died in 2007-brings dramatic and compelling developments to many threads in the Pattern. The end draws near.

Dovie’andi se tovya sagain. It’s time to toss the dice.


The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Four

  • Series: Wheel of Time Other (Book 4)
  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Tor Books (June 16, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0765337894
  • ISBN-13: 978-0765337894

Well-known comic book writer Chuck Dixon, working closely with the Jordan estate, continues his exciting graphic novel adaptation of Robert Jordan’s international bestseller, The Eye of the World. Volume Four, which collects issues 19-24 of The Eye of the World comic book, is illustrated by the talented Andie Tong, who also provided the interiors for Volume Two.

Volume Four of The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel begins with Rand and Mat, Perrin and Egwene, and their friends and fellow travelers separated into three groups and trying to make their way to Caemlyn as quickly as possible.

Perrin and Egwene have fallen in with Elyas and his wolf companions. Perrin is both distressed and intrigued when he discovers that he can understand the wolves. When Thom is apparently killed defending them, Rand and Mat are grief-stricken, but they have no time to mourn, for they know that Darkfriends will soon be on their trail. The boys put Thom’s lessons to good use by performing as gleemen to earn their livelihood as they head along the Caemlyn Road.

Moiraine begins to teach a reluctant Nynaeve the way of the One Power, challenging much that the Wisdom thought she understood about the world. Soon all three groups find themselves pursued by Darkfriends. Will they be safely reunited or will their enemies begin to pick them off, one by one?


Steles of the Sky (The Eternal Sky Book 3)

  • Series: The Eternal Sky (Book 3)
  • Paperback: 432 pages
  • Publisher: Tor Books (July 7, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0765379651
  • ISBN-13: 978-0765379658

Elizabeth Bear concludes her award-winning epic fantasy trilogy, The Eternal Sky, with Steles of the Sky.

Re Temur, exiled heir to his grandfather’s Khaganate, has finally raised his banner and declared himself at war with his usurping uncle. With his companions–the Wizard Samarkar, the Cho-tse Hrahima, and the silent monk Brother Hsiung–he must make his way to Dragon Lake to gather in his army of followers.

Temur has many enemies, and they are not idle. The sorcerer who leads the Nameless Assassins, whose malice has shattered the peace of all the empires of the Celedon Highway, has struck at Temur’s uncle already. To the south, in the Rasan empire, a magical plague rages. To the east, the great city of Asmaracanda has burned, and the Uthman Caliph is deposed. And in the hidden ancient empire of Erem, Temur’s son has been born, and a new moon has risen in the Eternal Sky.


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