New e-ARC received: Empire Ascendant (Worldbreaker Saga #2) by Kameron Hurley

New e-ARC received: The Empire Ascendant: Worldbreaker Saga #2 by Kameron Hurley

The wonderful people over at Angry Robot Books and Netgalley were awesome enough to send me this e-book review copy last week! I have heard nothing but great things about this series. Been wanting to read this series for a while now. Thanks Angry Robot and Netgalley! I can’t wait to read and review!

The Mirror Empire: Worldbreaker Saga 1 is out NOW!

The Empire Ascendant: Worldbreaker Saga #2 is out October 6, 2015!

So go get some copies!


About the book:


The Empire Ascendant: Worldbreaker Saga #2

  • Series: The Worldbreaker Saga (Book 2)
  • Paperback
  • Publisher: Angry Robot (October 6, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0857665596
  • ISBN-13: 978-0857665591

Loyalties are tested when worlds collide…
 Every two thousand years, the dark star Oma appears in the sky, bringing with it a tide of death and destruction. And those who survive must contend with friends and enemies newly imbued with violent powers. The kingdom of Saiduan already lies in ruin, decimated by invaders from another world who share the faces of those they seek to destroy.
Now the nation of Dhai is under siege by the same force. Their only hope for survival lies in the hands of an illegitimate ruler and a scullery maid with a powerful – but unpredictable –magic. As the foreign Empire spreads across the world like a disease, one of their former allies takes up her Empress’s sword again to unseat them, and two enslaved scholars begin a treacherous journey home with a long-lost secret that they hope is the key to the Empire’s undoing.
But when the enemy shares your own face, who can be trusted?
In this devastating sequel to The Mirror Empire, Kameron Hurley transports us back to a land of blood mages and sentient plants, dark magic, and warfare on a scale that spans worlds.

About the author:

Kameron Hurley is an award-winning author, advertising copywriter, and online scribe. Hurley grew up in Washington State, and has lived in Fairbanks, Alaska; Durban, South Africa; and Chicago. She has degrees in historical studies from the University of Alaska and the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, specializing in the history of South African resistance movements. Her essay on the history of women in conflict “We Have Always Fought” was the first blog post to be nominated for and win a Hugo Award. It was also nominated for Best Non-Fiction work by the British Fantasy Society.
Hurley is the author of God’s War, Infidel, and Rapture, a science-fantasy noir series which earned her the Sydney J. Bounds Award for Best Newcomer and the Kitschy Award for Best Debut Novel. She has been a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award, Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, the Locus Award and the BSFA Award for Best Novel. Additionally, her work has been included on the Tiptree Award Honor List. Hurley’s short fiction has appeared in magazines such as Lightspeed, EscapePod, and Strange Horizons, and anthologies such as The Lowest Heaven, The Mammoth Book of Science Fiction by Women, and Year’s Best SF. Her fiction has been translated into Romanian, Swedish, Spanish, Hebrew, German and Russian. She is also a graduate of Clarion West.
In addition to her writing, Hurley has been a Stollee guest lecturer at Buena Vista University and taught copywriting at the School of Advertising Art. Hurley currently lives in Ohio, where she’s cultivating an urban homestead. She shares articles and insights regularly at
Her latest novel, The Mirror Empire, begins the Worldbreaker Saga. The sequel, Empire Ascendant, will be out in October 2015.


Cover has been released!


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