New review copies: Slabscape: Reset (Slabscape #1) and Slabscape: Dammit (Slabscape #2) by S. Spencer Baker


New review copies: Slabscape : Reset and Slabscape: Dammit by S. Spencer Baker.

Got these two review copies this week. They look rather fascinating! Can’t wait to read and review!

Thanks Blip books!

Both of these books are available NOW!


About the books:


 Slabscape : Reset

  • Series: Slabscape
  • Paperback: 312 pages
  • Publisher: Blip Books; first edition (March 1, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0956738702
  • ISBN-13: 978-0956738707

Take the most sophisticated A.I. designed mind that has ever existed, encase it in over fifty million cubic kilometres of diamond nano-rods and send it off on a twenty-thousand-year odyssey towards the centre of the galaxy. Then screw it all up by allowing thirty-two million humans to go along for the ride…


Slabscape: Dammit

  • Series: Slabscape
  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Blip Books; First edition (June 11, 2015)
  • ISBN-10: 0993030505
  • ISBN-13: 978-0993030505

Somebody’s slung a stop sign over a solar system and Slab is heading straight for it.
Stopping is not an option. Slab is over a thousand kilometres long, travelling at near-lightspeed and the thirty-two million humans, NAHs, avatars and irritating minorities who inhabit the Slabscape are on a mission; they’re going Home and wouldn’t stop even if they could. The human contiguation of the SlabCouncil, having long suspected that Slab would eventually cross paths with someone or something who got in their way, had a policy regarding alien interventions: ignore them.
Louie Drago is not a happy hologram. He lets the council interns know exactly what he thinks of their plan and implements one of his own.
Dielle, a reset who remembers nothing of his previous life on Earth, is trying hard to forget one of the few things he does know: that before he was frozen for over three-hundred years, he used to be Louie Drago. After a bizarre offer from Slab’s preeminent gamer he’s forcibly liberated from the care and protection of the SlabWide Integrated System.
Meanwhile, the Cosmic Tit delivers an exiled version of Louie to the site of a four-hundred-year-old Earth mystery.
It’s only when parts of a local solar system start disappearing that council is forced to do something the interns will deny until the end of the universe (or tea-time, depending on your asynchronology).
Slabscape: Dammit is the second novel in the Slabscape series by S.Spencer Baker

About the author:

S.Spencer Baker (1956~2106) fled formal education and family at the age of seventeen and refused to ever return to either. He spent a subjectively interminable, but retrospectively finite amount of time learning how to exploit the intellectual property of others until he re-remembered that his childhood obsession was to create his own intellectual property and get other people to exploit it on his behalf. Somewhere around the beginning of that seriously weird century that began inauspiciously in 2001 he started creating the not-at-all-weird universe of Slabscape. By 2011 he had published his first science fiction novel; Slabscape:Reset – a webback (being backed up by information, back-stories, glossaries and complete irrelevancies in an online resource at By 2020 he had published several more novels and short stories in the series, including Slabscape:Dammit, Slabscape:Reboot and a compendium of the first three books along with a contemporary text dump of the ever-expanding Slabscapedia entitled; Slabscape:Thank Dice That’s Over (The Doorstop Slab). If it had have been over at that point, it’s likely that Baker would have slipped back into relative obscurity. Unfortunately, the development of information temporal displacement technology onSlab by Fencer Dean Twenty (collectively recognised initiator of important intangible query assets) in 1040 (Slab asynchronology) meant that a deluge of fan-fiction written by SlabAficionados was sent back to the mid-twenty-first century from dice-knows-when by dice-knows-who. On July 30th, 2069, received 876 new, entirely different, Slabscape novels into its e-library servers in San Diego all purporting to be written by Baker. Fortunately the California Disappearance destroyed all record of every single one of them, which is odd when you think about it because if they really had come from the future then how come the authors didn’t know about the California Disappearance in the first place? Such are the mysteries that surround temporal displacement.
Baker chose to go ahead on September 4th 2106 at the exact time that Slab departed/will have departed/is going to depart Earth Orbit.

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