My Force Friday haul!


I know its a little late but oh well. Here is my Force Friday haul. Yes I went out late Thursday night, and early Friday morning to buy toys, don’t judge me! The 3.75″ figures are for my son, and I got myself the 6″ figures. I have been collecting Star Wars ever since I was 5 back in 1977 and saw the first movie, been in love ever since. Maybe I will do a post with all of my collection someday.

The first photo is from my midnight run to Wal-mart, the only place open near my house. Well there is a Toys r us but the line was crazy, no thanks. My store had almost no action figures in stock. Lucky I got The First Order Stormtrooper and Flame trooper.

The second and third photo’s are from Target the next morning when they opened. Better stock here but it went fast. Was able to snag the First order Tie pilot, Captain Phasma, and Kylo Ren. Then I was lucky to find the 6″ Black series Stormtrooper and Kylo Ren!

Yes I am an Empire, or I guess I should say First Order Man. I was proud the other day when my son said ” Dad it would be cool if in the new movies the bad guys won for once!.” Yes son, yes it would!

It was fun and got some awesome figures! To bad Hasbro dropped the ball as usual and there was not enough stock for everybody.

Well this post is a little different than my usual book post, thought I would branch out and do something new. If I get some good feedback maybe I will do some more.

Thanks Everybody!

James – mightythorjrs

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