Attention Authors, Publishers, And fellow Bloggers. My guest blog series has open spots.

I have been at this blogging thing for nine months now and things are going great. But I am always looking to grow. Things seem to have leveled off recently as far as growing goes. So I wanted to see what I could do to jump start things. I got hooked up with a great author for a October blog tour. So that got me thinking, maybe that is an answer.

I sent this out a couple of months ago and had some great responses. I wanted to send this out again to let everybody know I have some open guest blog spots.

So if you are a Author or publisher looking to do a guest blog, Blog tour, ect. I am game.

And fellow bloggers if you are wanting to guest Blog or maybe a team up or whatever, lets do this.

Open to many idea’s. Shoot me a e-mail and lets talk.

Thanks everybody!

James – mightythorjrs


  1. This is a great idea ☺️ I’m going to be releasing my first book on October 1st and am sending out arcs for review through other bloggers but am totally up for doing any other kind of thing to get the message out there. What sort of things are you looking for? Xoxo

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    1. Hello,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      I just started doing this to help authors promote themselves and works, as well as getting my blog out there.

      I am open for pretty much anything. I have spots open next week to whenever. It usually just takes me a few days to put the post together after I get it from you.

      Normally just a little article is all I am looking for. Something that might relate to one your books or a character, or theme in your books. Something you can tie in and promote.

      Maybe what got you into writing, or anything really.

      For example, I had a author write a blog post about women being able to do sex and violence in writing too. Went along great with promoting her book.

      Another author wrote about his writing process, and another about writing multiple POV.

      Something like that is what I usually suggest.

      Let me know.

      Thanks again,



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