New book and Giveaway: Robot Universe by Ana Matronic




The wonderful people over at Sterling Publishing were awesome enough to send me this finished/review copy this week! I have heard nothing but great things about this book. Been wanting to read this one for a while now. Thanks Sterling Publishing! I can’t wait to read and review!

Robot Universe by Ana Matronic is out 11-10-15!

So go grab a copy!

And now the Giveaway!

The awesome folks over at Sterling Publishing have given me 1 copy Robot Universe by Ana Matronic to giveaway! *1 copy to the U.S. and Canada only (no P.O. boxes please)* 

To enter all you have to do is send an email message to Be sure you put “Robot Universe” in the subject line.

For BONUS points please share this post, like it, comment on it, and follow my blog.

For EXTRA BONUS points you can follow me on twitter:@MightythorJRS and please tweet about the giveaway.

(Yes I will be watching 🙂 )

I am also on various other social media, links on the home page.

Giveaway starts with this post on 11/02/15 and will end on 11/08/15 (midnight AZ time.). I will draw the winning names and notify them via email. If the winners don’t respond within 48 hours, I will draw another name, and so on until I find someone who wants this Awesome book!

*1 copy to the U.S. and Canada only (no P.O. boxes please)*


About the book:


Robot Universe by Ana Matronic

Robot Universe: Legendary Automatonsand Androids from the Ancient World to the Distant Future

By Ana Matronic Sterling ISBN: 978-1-4549-1821-9

$19.95 ($22.95 CAN) Hardcover • 224 pages

Publication date: November 2015

Explore the Robot Universe, and discover the hundred most epic androids and automatons from myth, through popular culture, to modern-day machines. Robot aficionado Ana Matronic—vocalist with world-famous band Scissor Sisters—explores their creation, design, purpose, and how they have comforted, fascinated, or terrified us across the ages and galaxies, profiling key sidekicks, servants, saviors, murder machines, cyborgs, and others in every genre. In-depth features cover special focus topics, such as robots in art and fashion, video games and comics, and music. This richly illustrated collection deftly shows how we have defined and redefined robots, why they capture our imagination, and why they’re here to stay, ending with a look at real-life robots from early prototypes to what lies in our robotic future.



About the author:


Ana Matronic is a musician, performer, radio presenter, DJ, and visual artist best known as the female lead of the internationally acclaimed band Scissor Sisters. A lifetime of loving robots inspired her stage name as well as the bionic circuitry tattoo on her right arm. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, Seth Kirby, and her cat, Izzy.

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