Book/Author spotlight: Nescada: Kindler of Flames by K. L. Abbott.


“Life is temptation and danger, and being fearless in the face of these, and using your voice despite your fears. It is frightening and thrilling; an adventure where you’re either the hero or the villain or both … and so is death.” – Anderson Boyce, Nescada: Kindler of Flames, Chapter 28: Canboulay dla Shamhna.
When the Taedh invade the spiral of Nescada and threaten to destroy it, Taerah Talavereis – an ice-hearted lunar goddess – must voyage across the entire star system to other planetary spheres, join forces with the most powerful beings in Nescada and annihilate the Taedh at all costs.
Against a milieu of interplanetary wars and interpersonal intrigues, Taerah will face great sacrifice to save the worlds, and along with an unlikely and colourful crew of companions, bring an end to the ancient terror hiding behind the trans-dimensional invaders once and for all.
This is a story of monsters and mythstory … this is a story of deception and secrets … this is a story of sacrifice and war … Everything that is touched changes, as their fates are interwoven forever; their story forever written in time … in the mythstories … and across the screen of space.
Kindler of Flames, Book One of the Nescada space fantasy series was released 15th July, 2015. Nescada is a high fantasy space opera exploring themes of loneliness and isolation, of bitter hatred and being outcast, of the violations we allow and the ones we cannot control.
Inspired by Caribbean cultures and landscapes, Kindler of Flames is both beautiful and melancholic, filtered through and woven from a deep, magickal sensibility, a love of fantasy literature and folklore, and a romance with words and the worlds they can craft.
This story is very personal to Barbadian author, K. L. Abbott, who began the manuscript in late August, 2001. It chronicles and adapts her experiences with social segregation at the Barbados Community College during that period of her life.
“It’s apparent that Abbott is a very strong writer. Her writing paints a wonderful picture of the world she has created all the while moving at a smooth pace that keeps you turning the pages. If the full story continues this pattern, it will be a wonderful read, as a whole.” – Zach Tyo, Indie Book Reviewer


About the author:


K. L. Abbott is a Literatures in English graduate, elementary school teacher and the author of the debut space fantasy series, Nescada. She resides on the island of Barbados with her cats, where she relishes a lifestyle of fitness and nature spirituality.
A connoisseur of beauty her favourite things are the scent of cinnamon, the taste of popcorn, faeries, telling stories, her cats, de ja vu, Neil Gaiman’s works, the art of her brother, Rivenis, and Sean Abbott, who also illustrated the cover of her first book.
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About the book:


BUY HERE:   Kindler of Flames (Nescada) by K L Abbott

  • Series: Nescada
  • Paperback: 630 pages
  • Publisher: Knurly Pen, Inc. Publishing; 1st edition (July 15, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9769581755
  • ISBN-13: 978-9769581753

Kindler of Flames, Book One of space fantasy series, Nescada, is classic fantasy for the current YA generation … romantic, dramatic adventure written in rich, lyrical prose … and an inspired, refreshingly original romp through boundless imagination!

This 560-page novel also features an additional 70 pages of bonus content including a 50-page gallery of beautiful artwork. All fantasy enthusiasts are asked to prepare themselves for take off on the next pop culture paradigm shift after Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games!

Inspired by Caribbean cultures and landscapes, Kindler of Flames is the debut novel of Barbadian author K. L. Abbott, woven from a deep magickal sensibility, a love of fantasy literature and folklore, and a romance with words and the worlds they can craft.
Thank you for making it Nescada and welcome aboard the Pagona Orb!

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