Proof I was a Star Wars fan from the beginning!

There seems to be much Star Wars happenings going on this weekend for some reason, so I thought I would share some very old photo’s. I was 5 when Star Wars (it was just Star Wars back then, not A New Hope) came out, I remember standing in a very long line that stretched around the movie theater. I remember the opening sequence and the enormous Star Destroyer going across the screen. Then there was The first appearance of Darth Vader, so epic! I have been hooked ever since. I remember going to see the movie again the next day because my dad just had to see this movie too. So as I prepare to take my 6 year old son to see a Star Wars movie in a theater for the first time today I just wanted to share some of my memories.

And say YES, I was a fan from the beginning!





Darth Vader and Luke in a epic battle!

(Nice Wonder Women t-shirt, once a geek always a geek.)


Tie fighter!


Christmas time, My brother and I were spoiled. Got Darth Vader’s Tie fighter! Yes, I was always a Empire fan!


Forget Santa lets go see Darth Vader! My brother looks a little scared.


My vintage collection. All of my original collection was sold at a garage sale (no really I am not bitter at all!) But I have recollected with my son. I get the vintage stuff, he gets the new stuff!


Well, that is it for now. I will have to post something after seeing the movie. I hope my son’s experience is as good as mine was!


  1. I remember taking my son (now 41) to the first Star Wars movie. From that point forward, everything was Star Wars until he hit mid junior high and decided that he was to “big” to play with toys — that he wanted to be “cool” to try and fit in. We carefully packed up and stored Star Wars in old old farmhouse. It was subsequently stolen. Like most of us “adults” he now regrets having grown up too much. I suppose that we all are tempted at one point then another to turn to the dark side.

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    1. Yes, I remember being to old for my toys and my mom sold them all at a garage sale. Now I take joy in recollecting with my son. I will make sure he has something left after he is to old for toys and wishes he had them back!

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  2. Have you ever listened to the Jefferson Airplane song, “Lather?” As an older guy, I appreciate it much more than when younger. Sounds like you are a great father.

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