Book Haul: Ragnarok, Volume 1: Last God Standing (Ragnarok #1-6) by Walter Simonson

Book Haul from the past week. Did a little shopping the past week or so and picked up some great books. I have been wanting to read this book and start this series for a while now. Looks like some awesome stuff. Walter Simonson is my favorite comic artist and writer.  I am very excited for this new series. Can’t wait to read and review!

Ragnarok Vol. 1: Last God Standing by Walter Simonson is out NOW!

So go get a copy!






About the book:


BUY HERE:   Ragnarok Vol. 1: Last God Standing by Walter Simonson

  • Series: Ragnarok Hc (Book 1)
  • Hardcover: 148 pages
  • Publisher: IDW Publishing (December 3, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1631400681
  • ISBN-13: 978-1631400681

Ragnarok… the Twilight of the Gods in Norse mythology… the destruction of the Nine Worlds. And now, three hundred years later, the birth of vengeance. Collects issues #1-6. Walter Simonson returns to comics in a BIG way with an all-new series.





About the author:


Walter “Walt” Simonson is an American comic book writer and artist. After studying geology at Amherst College, he transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 1972. His thesis project there was The Star Slammers, which was published as a black and white promotional comic book for the 1974 World Science Fiction Convention in Washington, D.C. (DisCon II). Some years later, he produced another version of the story in graphic novel form for Epic Comics, the Marvel Comics imprint that was a response to creator-owned lines of the early eighties. Simonson continued the adventures of the Star Slammers in a limited series in the mid-1990s as one of the founders of Malibu Comics’ short-lived Bravura label.



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