New Books: To Whatever End and An Altered Fate by Claire Frank

Received some very cool signed books from the awesome Claire Frank , Author of the Echoes of Imara series. I am very excited to read and review! Thanks so much Claire!

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To Whatever End (Echoes of Imara Book 1) , An Altered Fate (Echoes of Imara Book 2) , and The Strength to Serve (Echoes of Imara Book 3) are out NOW!

So get some copies!








About the books:



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BUY HERE:   To Whatever End (Echoes of Imara Book 1)

Veterans of a past war, Daro and Cecily left the politics and turmoil of their kingdom behind, making a home for themselves where they can live in peace. An unexpected attack fractures their quiet existence and although Cecily narrowly escapes with her life, Daro is taken captive. He awakens to a world where his captors exact complete control. Forced to wear a mask and given a number instead of a name, he endures crushing psychological torture, conditioning him to be an experimental subject in a madman’s bid to bend the laws of Wielding magic.

As Cecily turns to old friends and attempts to mend broken alliances in her desperate search for her husband, Daro struggles to hold onto the shattered pieces of his mind. No sacrifice is too great to bring Daro back, but as the days tick by, he may succumb to his captors, becoming another living weapon in a growing army of abominations.



An Altered Fate Cover

BUY HERE:    An Altered Fate (Echoes of Imara Book 2)

Although liberated from captivity by his wife and friends, Daro’s ordeal left him tortured, drowning in power he can’t control with voices haunting his mind. Cecily, weary and losing hope, watches with growing dread as her husband’s condition deteriorates.

People from the land of Daro’s birth arrive with a possible solution. But to repair the pieces of his shattered psyche, Daro must leave his wife and travel to a home he scarcely remembers, where many believe he is too dangerous and the only answer is for him to die.

News of the other captives reaches Cecily, and with an unlikely ally in Pathius, she sets out to prove they can be saved. But Pathius was once the prince and his very presence jeopardizes the peace she and Daro fought for. As tensions mount, Cecily may not be able to stem the tide of violence that threatens to overtake her kingdom, and war may be inevitable if Daro does not return.




BUY HERE:    The Strength to Serve (Echoes of Imara Book 3)

Home after their long absence, Daro and Cecily want nothing more than to pick up the pieces of their life and return to normalcy. But outside events intrude and the memories of what they lived through aren’t so easy to leave behind.

Pathius languishes, an unchained prisoner in a foreign land, doubtful of his place in the world. In Imara, he is offered a chance for a new life, if he can release the ghosts of his past and accept the man he has become.

As an invading army threatens their homeland, Daro, Cecily, and Pathius are drawn back into the political turmoil of Halthas. An assassin wreaks havoc in the city, a dangerous artifact is stolen, a force bent on conquest marches toward their border, and they all must take up arms to defeat an enemy their kingdom is not prepared to face.





About the author:


Claire Frank is a longtime fantasy fan who was raised on a steady diet of magic and wonder. She started writing as a child and somewhere along the way, realized she had worlds to explore and stories to share.
Her husband David is her co-creator in everything she does. He is blessed with an abundant imagination and a tendency to daydream. Together, they craft worlds, banter ideas, create characters and develop their stories. She may be the one to craft the words on the page, but he is a part of every word.
They live in the Pacific Northwest with their three children. Claire loves coffee, great books, The Princess Bride, chocolate, and bacon. Because everything is better with bacon.






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