Taking a break.

Hello everybody! I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know I am taking a little bit of a break from the blog. My life has been rough the past year or so, the past month or so for sure. I am just taking some me time. I guess this is ironic because the reason I started the blog was a outlet in the tough times that were happening. I now feel a self imposed pressure to make sure I get a post out everyday, and this is taking the fun out of it. The only thing I can think of is to take a break and start fresh and blog how I started, for fun.

The blog has been on a bit of cruise control the past month or more. I am now pretty much out of my “filler” post, and I have not been up to any post that require me to have to put much thought into. So now seems a good time to stop and reboot in a little while.

For those who don’t know I lost my Mom on 1-8-16 at 9:10pm. My Mom had Leukemia, and it was a long and hard fought battle the past 14 months. I am glad the pain is over and she is in peace. During this time my wife was also very sick, she had three surgeries in this time period. My son had an extended illness and I had my own heart health scare. I am very grateful we are all much better. Things seemed to be on the upturn and my wife and I decided to go forward with our plans to move out of state. Now comes the news that my Dad’s cancer has returned after being cancer free for eight plus years. We are hopeful it has been caught in time and will not be a major problem, but you know, it’s cancer. Luckily we will not be to far away from him and will still be able to support him. Our house is sold and we are off to a new state, no jobs, no where to live, but we are doing what we want! we head out on February 27th, and I hope we at least have a place to live by then.

If I have made a commitment to do a post for you I will be keeping that commitment.

Well anyway, as you can see I have so much going on and little time for the blog right now. Thanks for letting me vent. Thanks as always for everyone’s support!

I will be back soon!

James – MightyThorJRS

UPDATE 2/24/16 – We have a house rented now so at least we have somewhere to go!




      1. Apart from all your real life problems, it’s a common thing to be tired by blogging as intensely as you have been, James. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you back at it when you are ready.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope things will work out. I think you’re doing the right thing to take a break, you need to take care of yourself first over everything else! It sounds like you’ve been putting too much pressure on your shoulders to post when your heart just wasn’t in it, so sometimes it’s just best to take a step back and let the fun back in. All the best to you James, we’ll be here when you get back!

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  2. Take care, brother. We”ll miss you, but I totally understand the need to get away and start fresh once it is fun again. And as for your new real life adventure, I wish you guys the best and will be keeping you in my thoughts. πŸ™‚

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