Guest Blog: Time and Space by Duncan McGeary author of Tuskers III

As part of my Guest blog series for authors and fellow bloggers I am proud to present another guest blog spot. Duncan McGeary the author of Tuskers III has been kind enough to write a guest blog post for MightyThorJRS today. I am very excited and I would like to thank Duncan and Ragnarok for the opportunity to host this Guest Blog. 

Tuskers III: The Omnivore Wars by Duncan McGeary

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Time and space
by Duncan McGeary
Had a old friend come into my store and ask me if I write for a certain length of time or a certain number of words.
Well, actually, the time is all day. I give myself over to the writing for the whole day. I incubate the fictional dream, letting it fall over me, hopefully the story taking over my thought processes, but being patient. I heard creativity described as a shy pet that you have to coax from under the bed. That sounds about right.
There have always been a couple hours every day when I could have written, even at my busiest. But that’s like going from zero to sixty in a few seconds. It just was never possible. I needed more time surrounding the actual writing. Whenever I had a rare three days off in a row, I would suddenly get the urge to write something. Otherwise, I was stuck in the daily work cycle.
More power to those who can manage to both work and writing.
It is the word count that I shoot for. This is somewhat flexible, in that when I’m inspired, I can write thousands of words and when I’m stuck, a mere 1000 words is a good result.
My goal is pretty much between 1500 to 2500 words, which happens to be the size of most of my chapters. In other words, I’m concentrating on one scene or one chapter at a time. Discrete units.
I often could write more, but I find that saving up a little energy for the next day is best, especially if I break off with tomorrow’s starting point in mind.
The other element in creating the atmosphere for writing is space. I’ve tried to establish a single writing spot, but it seems to float. From the desk to the table to the bed to the couch.
Over the last two years I’ve been my most productive on my daily five mile walk in the High Desert about 15 miles east of my hometown. I walk the same path every day. I’m out in nature, but when I’m writing, I’m hardly aware of it. I’m in my fictional world, gathering details, and then sitting down and writing the scene.
This is actually becoming a bit of a problem for me. Yesterday was so cold and windy that I could only sit for so long. I came home intending the finish the scene, but got distracted.
Anyway, what all of this is about is creating the best atmosphere conducive to creating, to the point where if I don’t write something every day it bothers me. I realize that giving over the entire day to writing is probably a luxury for most people. For more social types, it might be a burden.
But I love that feeling of having the whole day ahead of me to ruminate about my story, to let it creep over me slowly, then the trigger words, a particularly vivid image, or a felicitous turn of phrase, when I sit down and the story takes over.
I’m a writer in the sense that I spend most of my time there. When the story comes to me, it is a wonderful feeling, its own reward. Walking back to my car, feeling good, I notice the nature around me again and it feels right.

Duncan McGeary is a native Oregonian, who has lived most of his life in Bend, Oregon, on the dry side of the Cascade Mountains. (His stories are often located in this western terrain.) After graduating for the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) he returned to his hometown, having had his first three fantasy novels published in the early 1980’s.

He bought a bookstore, Pegasus Books, in downtown Bend in 1984, got married to Linda, raised two sons, Todd and Toby, and spent the next 30 years trying to keep the store alive.

With the store thriving, he is now devoting his stored up creative energies writing again.


Tuskers III: The Omnivore Wars by Duncan McGeary

The wild pig invasion of Saguaro was a three day wonder. But Cathy Comfort, host of the cable crime program, Cathy Comfort’s Justice, senses there was something more to the story than rabid pigs. With her young producer, Seth, she heads to Arizona to investigate, little realizing she’s landing right in the middle of the Aporkcalypse. The Tuskers are alive and breeding and smarter than ever. With the young scientific genius, Tesla, and the military leader, Napoleon, they are ready to take on humanity. Only one species will survive The Omnivore Wars. Tuskers III continues Duncan McGeary’s Wild Pig Apocalypse series.



Tuskers II: Day of the Long Pig

by Duncan McGeary


Tuskers: Wild Pig Apocalypse

by Duncan McGeary


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