Guest Blog: The Difficult Second Book by Michael R. Miller author of Veiled Intentions

As part of my author guest blog series I am proud to present another guest blog spot. Michael R. Miller the author of Veiled Intentions has been kind enough to write a guest blog post for MightyThorJRS today. I am very excited and I would like to thank Michael for the opportunity to host this Guest Blog. 

The Dragon’s Blade: Veiled Intentions

by Micheal Miller

Is due out February 10, 2017!

So go grab a copy!

The Difficult Second Book –

Michael R. Miller

It’s a well-known thing that it’s harder the second time around. The difficult second album is made trickier than the first, for some, because the artist had a lifetime to dwell on their first creation but then finds they have a deadline. For some the sudden time pressure and expectation involved can be the hardest thing to overcome and they may feel rushed, producing something that isn’t as good as what came before. I would say that I found writing my second book harder but not for the above reasons.

I found it harder because I was getting better.

It’s not as counterintuitive as it sounds. Looking back on my first book, The Reborn King, I think I managed to fool myself into thinking it was easier than it really was. Back then I wasn’t as experienced, my writing instincts weren’t quite as honed as they were a year later while writing and editing the second. One aspect of writing you need to accept is that you can always do better and you can always learn. Yet when writing book 1 that realisation hadn’t quite kicked in; not to say I didn’t stop and think, but I was less prone to repeatedly asking the question ‘is this the best I can make it?’ When writing the second book I stopped and asked myself that a lot more. It made the process longer but I’m confident it has led to a better product.

You’re also no longer writing in a little bubble. The moment your book your book goes out into the world, many illusions are shattered. One is the illusion that this thing is entirely yours. Readers have opinions, reviewers have stronger opinions; some is positive and some is not, but it all trickles into your subconscious one way or another. I didn’t change anything because someone stated I should on Goodreads, but I drank it all in and, a bit like my beta reading feedback, I looked for where feedback overlapped and worked on those areas. It would be impossible, I think, to claim that reviews don’t affect how you think about what you are writing, particularly if you are in the middle of writing the sequel to the book being reviewed.

In my experience, the second book changed as I changed; as my inner critique shouted louder and I strived to do better. Hopefully it is a case of good creativity born out of adversity, although I do wonder whether this will be a trend as I begin the third book…

You can get book 1 for free by joining my mailing list.

Michael R. Miller was born and raised in Ayrshire on the West of Scotland. Being useless at kicking a football around, he often resorted to imagining tales of magic and adventure in which he and his classmates would battle to save the school during their lunch hour. Fortunately for all, such embarrassing tales never made it out of his head and onto paper.

Like many young boys he quickly developed a love for daring knights who battled evil. When this was combined with endless hours playing Age of Empires and watching Lord of the Rings, a love for both history and fantasy was born.

He studied History at the University of St Andrew’s, dabbling in everything from Ancient Rome to Modern Scotland and a good deal of things in between. Graduating in 2014 he moved to London to pursue law. He’d rather forget that. In early 2015 he began to seriously turn attention to writing the fantasy story he had always dreamt of telling.

He had sketched out eight chapters over the years and, although they needed rewriting, they helped plot out the action of the story. He wrote a little each night and, slowly, he found things were improving. At a self-publishing panel event he got speaking with a representative from a hybrid publisher and so far so good. With a pinch of luck he hopes to avoid the phantom cubicle desk of real life pinning him down.

He hopes you enjoy reading Dragon’s Blade as much as he has in getting it from idea to page to published book.

You can get book 1 for free by joining my mailing list.



Rectar has always had his sights set on conquering the human lands. His demonic invasion of the west is gaining momentum – an unrelenting horde unhindered by food or sleep. Now, only the undermanned Splintering Isles lie between the demons and the human kingdom of Brevia. If the islands fall, the rest of Tenalp will soon follow.

The Three Races must work together if they are to survive, but they have another problem – Castallan. The traitorous wizard has raised a deadly rebellion and declared himself King of Humans. He believes himself safe in the bowels of his impenetrable Bastion fortress, but Darnuir, now King of Dragons, intends to break those walls at all costs.

To face these threats, all dragons, humans and fairies must truly unite; yet old prejudices may undermine Darnuir’s efforts once again. And as the true intentions of all are revealed, so too is a secret that may change the entire world.

You can get book 1 for free by joining my mailing list.



The Dragon’s Blade: The Reborn King

by Michael R. Miller

“Compelling and enjoyable” the British Fantasy Society

Dragons once soared in the skies, but that was before the Transformation, before they took human form. Now, demonic forces stand to obliterate them. When left mortally wounded, Darnuir, the Prince of Dragons, can only be saved through a dangerous rebirthing spell. He is left as a babe in human hands.

Twenty years later, Darnuir is of age to wield the Dragon’s Blade. As the last member of his bloodline, he is the only one who can. He is plunged into a role he is not prepared for, to lead a people he does not know. Shadowy demons ravage his new home and the alliance between humans, dragons and fairies has fractured.

Time is short, for new threats and deadlier enemies are emerging…

“Miller’s debut is one of sheer creativity. A promising author worthy of your attention” –

“Fast paced fantasy at its finest” – The Tattooed Book Geek

“It will truly grip you” – The Band Wagon/Observant Raven

“Quick paced, surprised packed, and filled with fantasy goodness” – Bookwraiths

“A rich and complex fantasy that I really enjoyed” – Bibliosanctum

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