Book Haul: Sword and Sorcery comics

Been in the mood for some good Ol’ pulpy Sword and Sorcery lately. Stopped by the local comic shop so my son could check out the Pokemon cards and Lo and behold they just got in a box of bronze age Marvel goodness. So yes I was able to pick up some of exactly what I needed!

Hope you will check out and enjoy my haul!


YES, The Savage Sword of Conan #1, King size Conan the Barbarian #1,  and Conan the Barbarian #3. Some great Marvel finds. Love the art, especially The Savage Sword of Conan books! Always had the best covers.


Also found these beauties! Kull the Conqueror #3 and #10. Then the awesome Red Sonja She Devil with A Sword #2! Great stuff!


Last but not least we have John Carter Warlord of Mars #2 and #4. Not really Sword and Sorcery (Sword and Planet?) but close enough. I have always loved the John Carter books, (and yes even the Disney movie) always some of my favorite books!

Hope you enjoyed. These bring me so much enjoyment.

Thanks everybody,




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