Check This Out: Cool Kickstarter – StoryHack Action & Adventure Issue 1


This Kickstarter came to my attention and I thought it was awesome enough to share! This book looks fantastic! I backed it right away! Take a moment to go check it out and maybe even support it!


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You can take a look here:



About this project

Finally, a literary journal you don’t have to be ashamed to be caught reading! It seems like most fiction magazines are merely competing to see who can publish the most pretentious drivel. Now, I don’t have a problem with stories that make you think. I like thinking. Here’s the problem: I also like to have fun. Sometimes I just wish I could pick up a magazine and have every story in it be exciting and enjoyable.

StoryHack Action & Adventure is that fun literary journal you and I have been waiting for.

It all started a little while ago when I started listening to various fiction podcasts and reading modern literary magazines. I’m not going to name names here, but I was shocked at how little excitement there was in the stories I was reading. Now, I don’t mind thinking a little, but I would prefer not to become bored and drift off to sleep every time I sit down to listen or read.

So what’s a action adventure fan to do?

Meanwhile, in shadowed and dusty corners of the internet, people have discovered the great pulp authors of yesteryear. I’m talking storytellers like like Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Leigh Brackett. Writers whose stories have life and action and passion. Stories with characters like The Shadow, Doc Savage, and Buck Rogers. It’s almost like people have rediscovered the fact that reading short stories can actually be fun.

Every time I ran across other pulp-era fans my love for that type of fiction was rekindled.

At some point it occurred to me – maybe there are great writers out there still writing this stuff – perhaps there’s just no where to publish it.

This thought birthed a dream. That dream devised a plan. That plan is conjuring itself into reality. That reality has a name:

StoryHack Action & Adventure.

And you can help make it happen.

Like I said StoryHack Action & Adventure is a literary journal that publishes action adventure fiction in any genre.

To be more clear, by action I mean that there are characters actively engaged with an antagonist who represents imminent physical danger. Fistfights, car chases, vine swinging over alligators or spikes, jungle insects, ruthless mafia bosses, all that. But the protagonist must have an active role in it, rather than just having stuff happen at him/her.

By adventure, I mean the character does awesome things (is proactive) in a exotic (not mundane) situation. Heroics often enter in. The protagonist can be in a cool time period, a fantasy world, or have a bizarre profession, something about his/her situation transports the reader out of the mundane world.

And I’m serious when I say any genre. Space opera, sword & sorcery, lost world, high-seas swashbuckling, occult detective, treasure hunt / explorer, western, technothriller, anything that has both action and adventure.

If you’d like to see what to expect, you can! I’ve have put my money where my mouth is and produced a sample issue. For at least the duration of this campaign, you’ll be able to read this “Issue 0” as an ebook for free. Just visit to get your copy. Also, I’ll do what I can to make it free (or at least super cheap) on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks. I think it’s worth noting that early March of 2017 I decided to make the preview issue, so I posted a call for submissions. By the first week of May, the magazine was available.

Issue Zero!
Issue Zero!



I hope you will back this project!







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