Check This Out: Cool Kickstarter – WARLOCK 5: Comic written by Cullen Bunn

This Kickstarter came to my attention and I thought it was awesome enough to share! This book looks fantastic! I backed it right away! Take a moment to go check it out and maybe even support it!


You can take a look here:




About WARLOCK 5 Project:


The campaign seeks to fund the reinvention of the classic fantasy masterpiece, Warlock 5. Previously a fantasy Aircel comic, the goal is to create a 60-page, full-color original graphic novel with an entrancing action-packed narrative that will bring the betrayal, magic, dragons, and killer robots of the original revamped for the modern era. Pleasing longtime fans and drawing newcomers, the comic will be written by Cullen Bunn, best known for his work writing DEADPOOL, THE DAMNED, and THE SIXTH GUN, as well as Jimmy Johnston, writer of the MICRONAUTS series.


The campaign is all or nothing with a $15,000 goal and an end date of Friday, May 26.



Social Media Link:



Five guardians protect the multiverse against the chaos that lurks outside the boundaries of reality. There’s only one problem: they hate each other.


“The Grid.


A mystical nexus, a crossroads connecting all times, all realities. Along the ley lines of the Grid, the multiverse clusters.


To move along the Grid is to move from one reality to the next. To harness the power of the Grid is to harness the awesome might of creation.


Five touchstone realities exist at focal points along the Grid. From each of these realities, a Warlock is chosen to act as one of five Guardians.


Savasthar, a shapeshifting dragon-like being.


Doomidor, a warlord from the Dark Ages.


Argon, an advanced cybernetic organism from a techno-hell.


Tanith, an ageless sorceress.


Zania, a power-mad, machine gun necromancer.


Together, the Warlocks protect the Grid, thereby protecting all of space and time. They are the last line of defense against the awful forces of chaos that lurk in the darkness outside the Grid.

There’s only one problem.


They hate each other.”


Originally created by Gordon Derry and Denis BeauvaisWarlock 5 was published by Barry Blair, a Canadian comic book publisher, artist and writer, known for launching Aircel Comics in the 1980s. A fierce advocate for innovation in the themes, genres, and types of illustrations, Blair helped to bring titles to life that broke the narrative and graphic boundaries at the time — including Warlock 5.


The new Warlock 5 Kickstarter seeks to fund this continuation of the Aircel Comics classic fantasy masterpiece. This 2017 reboot is written by CULLEN BUNN and JIMMY JOHNSTON, illustrated by JEFFREY EDWARDS with colors by ANDY POOLE, letters by ED DUKESHIRE, and designs by EDWARD LAVALLEE and SHAWN T. KING.

This saga of rivalry, betrayal, magic, dragons, and killer robots is aiming for a 60-page full-color (hard cover) original graphic novel; however, we need your help getting there!



We’ve COMPLETED the first 18 pages and will be finished with the first 24 by the end of this Kickstarter campaign. We’re seeking funding for the creative efforts to create pages 25–60. A successful Kickstarter allows us to block out the time we need for our creators to keep working on this project and for us to print the books!


With that said, we’re aiming to have the complete 60-page graphic novel finished by NOVEMBER. Our hope is to have books printed and shipped to everybody in DECEMBER and JANUARY.






I hope you will back this project!





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