Guest Blog: The Story of the Story Jovienne by Linda Robertson

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Author Linda Robertson has been kind enough to write a guest blog post for MightyThorJRS today. I am very excited and I would like to thank Linda and Ragnarok Pub for the opportunity to host this Guest Blog.

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The Story of the Story Jovienne

by Linda Robertson

My son, who is about to graduate, was still crawling when I wrote the short story, Jovienne. Yes, Jovienne came into being years before Persephone Alcmedi did. I recall that I cried and cried over the ending scene where she gets her wings. Sweet and sappy, right? But truth be told, there is a skillset unique to short stories that avoids me like the plague.  My success in placing my short fiction is far from brag-worthy.  I have many short-length pieces entombed in a file that rarely gets opened.

That same fate might have been Jovienne’s.

But her character continued to speak to me. There was more. Her story was not finished. In fact, once she’d become winged, her story was just beginning. I had only to chip away at that chrysalis and a story of much broader scope began to emerge.

I’ve revisited her world several times over the years, gently modifying or viciously altering it. Getting this tale where it needed to be proved to be a dance of two steps forward and three steps back…much the same as my journey as a writer. But as relentless as Jovienne, I kept pushing onward. As violent as she with her swords, I wielded my highlight and delete skills to cut and slice and sever.

If I gave Jovienne the character any true part of me, it was recognition of a goal and the relentless pursuit of it, even if the path to it is hidden.

More than that, there is so much I adore about Jovienne. She’s brave, but she is young and inexperienced — which may make her seem incautious. She will act as she deems necessary in the moment, but afterward she analyzes her actions. If she finds her choice was lacking or flat out wrong, she’s able to accept and acknowledge the flaw. Doubt and confusion may fill her mind, but it does not ultimately immobilize her. She keeps fighting toward her goal.

Linda Robertson is an internationally published author. She won first place in the OSU/Mansfield Florence B. Allen writing competition (2006). Since then, she’s earned a cum laude Associate of the Art’s Degree in English and published several novels and short stories.

In addition to the Immanence series, she is the author of the Persephone Alcmedi series. A lifelong musician, she also wrote, performed, and produced a musical score/CD for Jovienne. When not writing or composing, she finds time to dabble in costuming/sewing, crafting, and furniture renovation.

She attends various writing conventions and book festivals, blogs, and gives workshops about the craft of writing. A mother of four boys, Linda is married and lives in Northeast Ohio.



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Jovienne (Immanence)

by Linda Robertson

A horrific car accident put Jovienne in a coma. When she awakened months later, she learned that her family had died in the crash…and that she had been altered.


Raised by a stranger who trained her to use her new quintanumin abilities, she excels at every lesson and longs for her mentor to become much more. But after completing her final test — a death-match against a demon — she is transformed yet again. Having become a monster’s monster, Jovienne seeks a way to rescind this immortality and uncovers a terrible truth about the man she trusted. Her efforts to escape lure demons ever closer, and one of them claims to know a secret about Jovienne. A secret she doesn’t even know herself.



      Early praise for Jovienne:


Linda Robertson’s JOVIENNE is a unique and twisted journey of action, horror, and urban fantasy, packed with cool ideas.  In a genre where so much feels the same, it’s a pleasure to encounter a writer who has found a different muse.”  Christopher Golden, NYT Bestselling Author


“Linda Robertson has created an intriguing world, a compelling narrative, and a strong, canny heroine you’ll be cheering on from the first page to the last. JOVIENNE rocks. Enjoy the ride.” — David B. Coe, author of The Case Files of Justis Fearsson

“Linda Robertson has written a masterful example on using religious lore and legend as inspiration for damn fine storytelling! JOVIENNE is both soul-soaring and heart-wrenching, a fresh take on high-octane Urban Fantasy.”

James R. Tuck – author of the Deacon Chalk series.

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