Awesome Art: My favorite Conan Art



This is the second post, in what I hope can be a series of post, were I feature some awesome art! If everyone seems to enjoy it and I can find the time, I hope to post more.

Today I want to feature a favorite of mine. Conan and all the fantastic artwork, and artist that bring him to life. Robert E. Howard’s books and stories about this barbarian have always been near and dear to me. So much a part of who I am. Such phenomenal writing that has inspired generations. I have been on a huge Conan kick lately, well my whole life really, but recently I have been engrossing myself in all things Conan. Art in particular has been my obsession lately so I thought I would share some.

Honestly there is so much great Conan art and artist it is hard to pick the best. So much can get lost in the horde. But I have selected a few of my favorites. Do I have any glaring holes in my favorites? Please let me know. Always glad to find more great Conan art.

Thanks for taking a look,

James – Mighty Thor JRS

Also if you like Conan, check back all week for my birthday book haul post. Lots of Conan this week!





I guess it is best to start at the beginning 

Weird Tales Magazine 1930’s


Weird Tales composit3



Then the art progressed a little, maybe:


6610620     220px-Tales_of_Conan



Then we come to the pinnacle of Conan art, Frank Frazetta. This is the definitive art when it comes to Conan in my opinion. No one before or after has captured Conan better!




Image (10)





Frank Frazetta




There are other greats:



Ken Kelly People Of The Black Circle





Ken Kelly The Hour of the Dragon








Then Conan in comics:



Barry Windsor Smith


SSoC 5 75

Boris Vallejo

boris ssc 5 large

I love this art/cover. Always a favorite of mine!



John Buscema





I guess that is it for now!

Thanks again!






    1. Yes, that cover is pretty great! There is so much Conan art that is pretty cheese ball, I always thought Frazetta was classic. I think it is because his art on the covers was my first introduction to Conan. True that much of Frazetta’s other work is better than his Conan work. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I always remember when I was young hanging out at my Dad’s book store and seeing the paperbacks and wanting to read what was in those books, I mean with those covers it has to be great! And they were!


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