Book Haul/Spotlight – Robert E. Howard’s Conan of Cimmeria: A Sketchbook by Mark Schultz




I have been adding many new books to my collection recently. My interest in reading has shifted to older books and authors. So I thought instead of just a simple book haul post I would do more of a spotlight/introduction post as well. So in the post below you will not only find the usual book haul photo’s, but book and author info as well. I hope you will take the time to look it over and maybe take a chance at checking out books and authors that you may have forgot about or discover in these post!

I have always been a Robert E. Howard fan. The first time I read a Conan story I became hooked for life. Recently my local used bookstore has had some amazing REH books. I can only imagine a collector sold their collection. I have been scraping together everything I can to try and get some of these books. I am happy to give them a new home with another Robert E. Howard collector. I hope everyone will enjoy these post.


Today we have:

Robert E. Howard’s Conan of Cimmeria: A Sketchbook

by Mark Schultz

Wandering Star (2001)







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My updated Robert E. Howard and Conan collection.


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Robert E. Howard’s Conan of Cimmeria Sketchbook
Wandering Star
Year : July 2001
Book No. : None
Format : Chabook  (5.75 by 8.75 inches)
Pages : 20
Cover art : Mark Schultz
Illustrations : Mark Schultz

   Conan of Cimmeria Sketchbook

“Introduction” by Mark Schultz
Preliminary sketches for Conan of Cimmeria Volume 1
“Queen of the Black Coast” (verse heading)
(Chapters 3&4 only)
“The Scarlet Citadel” (verse heading)
(Chapters 3&4 only)

Design by Jim Keegan
Limited edition of 3000 copies


Info from Howard Works.

A great resource!





Mark Schultz (born June 7, 1955) is an American writer and illustrator of books and comics. His most widely recognized work is his self-created and owned comic book series, Xenozoic Tales, about a post-apocalyptic world where dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures coexist with humans. He is also the current writer of the Prince Valiant comic strip.








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