Book Haul/Spotlight – Emperor of Dreams: A Clark Ashton Smith Bibliography edited by Donald Sidney-Fryer




I have been adding many new books to my collection recently. My interest in reading has shifted to older books and authors. So I thought instead of just a simple book haul post I would do more of a spotlight/introduction post as well. So in the post below you will not only find the usual book haul photo’s, but book and author info as well. I hope you will take the time to look it over and maybe take a chance at checking out books and authors that you may have forgot about or discover in these post!

I found this amazing book at my favorite local “collector” book store. Mike over at Book Gallery in Phoenix always has the best books. He is also a Sword and Sorcery/Weird Fiction kind a guy. Great to talk to him when I make the trip to his shop. Such a wealth of knowledge. Check him out if you are ever in Phoenix.

Book Gallery

3643 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018  




Today we have:

Emperor of Dreams: A Clark Ashton Smith Bibliography – HC (1977) Donald M. Grant Publishers

Edited by Donald Sidney-Fryer







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Emperor of Dreams: A Clark Ashton Smith Bibliography

edited by Donald Sidney-Fryer


Emperor of Dreams — A Clark Ashton Smith Bibliography, is a rare work of scholarship representing years of research by its compiler, Donald Sidney-Fryer. There is little question that the California poet, short story writer, sculptor, and painter, Clark Ashton Smith (1893-1961) has become one of the most imposing figures in the weird genre. H.P. Lovecraft acknowledged that “In sheer daemonic strangeness … C.A.S. is perhaps unexcelled by any other writer dead or living”.A must for collectors and enthusiasts, this volume includes listings of poems and prose, first line indices, juvenilia, translations, and pseudonyms, along with extensive bibliographical data, numerous photos, letters and appreciations from prominent authors.

Hardcover, 303 pages
Published December 1st 1977 by Donald M. Grant Publishers

Emperor of Dreams: A Clark Ashton Smith Bibliography is a bibliography of Clark Ashton Smith by Donald Sidney-Fryer. It was first published by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. in 1978 in an edition of 1,375 copies.





Clark Ashton Smith (January 13, 1893 – August 14, 1961) was a self-educated American poet, sculptor, painter and author of fantasyhorror and science fiction short stories. He achieved early local recognition, largely through the enthusiasm of George Sterling, for traditional verse in the vein of Swinburne. As a poet, Smith is grouped with the West Coast Romantics alongside Joaquin Miller, Sterling, Nora May French, and remembered as “The Last of the Great Romantics” and “The Bard of Auburn”.

Smith was one of “the big three of Weird Tales, with Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft“, but some readers objected to his morbidness and violation of pulp traditions. The fantasy critic L. Sprague de Camp said of him that “nobody since Poe has so loved a well-rotted corpse.” Smith was a member of the Lovecraft circle and his literary friendship with Lovecraft lasted from 1922 until Lovecraft’s death in 1937. His work is marked by an extraordinarily rich and ornate vocabulary, a cosmic perspective and a vein of sardonic and sometimes ribald humor.

Of his writing style, Smith stated that: “My own conscious ideal has been to delude the reader into accepting an impossibility, or series of impossibilities, by means of a sort of verbal black magic, in the achievement of which I make use of prose-rhythm, metaphor, simile, tone-color, counter-point, and other stylistic resources, like a sort of incantation.


– From Wikipedia








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