Book Haul/Spotlight – Norse Mythology Art Book by Milivoj Ćeran




So about a year and a half ago I backed this Kickstarter. I finally got my rewards. So anti-climatic. This Kickstarter was a complete cluster-f***! I am seriously doubting ever backing another Kickstarter after this experience. At least the art work is great, the product is okay, packaging was a joke, but waiting a year and a half was horrible!

Anyways, Here are the goods!

Sorry to be so negative, but NOT a good experience.

Just to be clear the art is truly fantastic!





thumbnail (2)


thumbnail (3)

Art book and clam shell case.

thumbnail (4)

Bookmarks, small prints (very small) and a tiny calendar that is half over.

thumbnail (5)

The large print portfolio, (since when is 8×10 large?)

thumbnail (6)

And the sketchbook.





I encourage you all to go check out his work.

Norse Mythology facebook page, Milivoj Ceran’s Facebook page and Instagram .

The Norse Mythology website (






  1. I am very apprehensive to support any crowdfunding after one of my favorite bands used it to fund their latest album; it was fraught with a lack of communication, setbacks, shipping errors, and the like. I’m glad you were finally able to get the product (as I was with that band’s album after a year and a half of wondering), I hope it didn’t sour the entire experience for you.

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