Book Haul/Spotlight – Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia By Varg Vikernes




In addition to my love of Fantasy/Sword and Sorcery books, I also love to collect books related to Norse Mythology, Vikings, and Asatru.

I have always been interested in these subjects and when I can find some of these books I don’t have I always snatch them up.

Varg Vikernes is a controversial and polarizing figure, but I am interested to see what he has to say on this subject. I am inclined to believe I will not agree with him but reading and trying to understand all viewpoints are the hallmark of scholarly research, even as amateur as mine.

I found this book at my local used book store.


So today’s book haul is:

Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia

By Varg Vikernes







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Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia

By Varg Vikernes


Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia is a book from Varg Vikernes, one of the most controversial musicians of all time and the mastermind behind one of the most acclaimed Black Metal bands in the world Burzum. Convicted in 1994 of the murder of band-mate Euronymous, Vikernes has since spent 15yrs studying the traditions and beliefs of the Ancient Scandinavians and their influence on modern Europeans. That research has culminated in a book in which the outspoken and often divisive author challenges many of the widely held views of contemporary culture and its history. The passionate and in-depth text provides an absorbing insight into the thoughts of this most notorious of musicians. Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia makes fascinating reading and will be of interest not only to Black Metal and Burzum fans, but also to those with an interest in Norse mythology or European history and social commentators.









Varg Vikernes


I am a Norwegian family man, musician (Burzum), game designer (MYFAROG) and writer, and I run a Vlog on YouTube and BitChute as “Thulean Perspective”. I grew up in Norway, but also have spent one year in Iraq, and currently live in France. My interests are tabletop role-playing games, HEMA, archaeology, pre-history, pre-Christian European religion and survivalism.








  1. Hey, that’s a good’n

    That’s also how I was able to extrapolate that Heimdallr is Santa Claus.
    -whitest god
    -has fortress at the north pole
    -can see anything, anywhere
    -rides a great stag [reindeer]
    -bestows grave goods to the worthy [dwarves/deep “elves” as the dead become elves who make presents]

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