Book Haul/Spotlight – Slave, Soldier, and King. Kull anthology by Robert E. Howard.






I received this book recently from a Kickstarter I backed a little while ago. As everyone knows I am a sucker for anything Robert E. Howard. Looks great! Can’t wait to check it out. Keep an eye out for a review.


Today’s haul is:

Slave, Soldier, and King. Kull anthology

by Robert E. Howard.





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Slave, Soldier, and King. Kull anthology by Robert E. Howard.


This anthology contains The Shadow KingdomThe Mirrors of Tuzun Thune, and The Phoenix on the Sword (the Kull story rewritten to feature Conan instead).

Slave, Soldier, and King: A Make 100 Anthology

Apollyon Press, Chance Phillips, Stefan Poag, Marcio Moraga, and Glynn Seal.

Introduction by Bob Freeman.


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  1. I backed it too and, as you know, I contributed the introduction to the collection. Overall, I was very unhappy with the final product. It was a very amateur production.

    The artwork is terrific throughout, but just looking at the cover you can tell they had no idea what they were doing. The title is out of focus, which means they uploaded a file with too low a resolution. And the biggest crime is how small Robert E. Howard’s name is.

    Inside, the formatting is horrible, with not enough white space between the titles/chapter headings and the body of the text. Also, ragged right justification? Really?

    I backed it because I am a fan. I contributed because I’m a fan. I am disappointed because I am a fan. The author and his words deserved greater respect and care. It’s not enough to be published, what matters is to be be published well.

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  2. I suppose this is the danger of much of REH’s work falling into the public domain. You only have to see all the kindle variants on Amazon to know he’s being exploited. I know the Wandering Star editions came in for some flack but at least they had the very best of intentions (and tried something in the luxury format before all these cheaper amateur-press books took hold).

    Have you gotten hold of any of the Bison REH books? The hardback editions in particular were terrific and a cheaper alternative to the Wandering Star approach (I suspect they may infact have been based on Wandering Star editions that got cancelled, like some of the Del Rey volumes) .

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    1. Yes, I can imagine there will be more and more books like this hitting the market. I have not come across any of the Bison books, but I always keep an eye out for anything REH. Thanks for the recommendation.


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